Mountain Meadows Miniatures is located about 45 miles east of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Founded in 1983 with the dream to raise elegant, refined miniature horses that not only looked like but also moved like full size Arabians – with the graceful carriage, chiseled head with large expressive eyes and tiny ears, long and well set neck with a naturally clean and long throatlatch, short back with high tail set, the bodies must be full and the legs fine boned and straight and above all they must move with the power, cadence, extension and animation of their full size counterparts.

Mountain Meadows is a small, family run farm – we have approximately 25 horses in total, with 4 stallions and 16+/- mares and fillies. Each horse has been specifically selected for the qualities we demand in our breeding program. To maintain our high quality standards, we breed a limited number of top quality mares each year, thus producing quality offspring with that "Mountain Meadows look". Generally you can expect between 7 to 10 foals to be born each spring.

Even with a breeding program as small as ours, the show horses that we have bred at Mountain Meadows are proving to be some of the best in the country – in the past 7 years our farm has produced the following champions at AMHA and AMHR National shows
in both halter and performance:


3 AMHA World GRAND Champions
2 AMHA World Res GRAND Champions
2 AMHA World High Point Driving Horses
21 AMHA World Champions
14 AMHA World Reserve Champions
62 AMHA Top Tens

5 AMHR National GRAND Champions
1 AMHR National Res GRAND Champion
3 AMHR National Champions
7 AMHR National Reserve Champions
14 AMHR Top Tens

These prestigious titles have been won by several different horses, with different bloodlines and with different trainers and different owners – it is truly a credit to our breeding program and proves that we are on track to meet our goals and that your investment in a horse from our farm is a quality one which will hold it’s value.

We welcome the opportunity to help you attain your dream horse. We generally have an excellent selection of mares, fillies and colts to choose from – all at competitive prices. Financing plans and package prices are also available.

All of our horses are individually fed top quality hay, grain and vitamins to ensure optimum health and growth and are current on all vaccinations, de-worming and hoof care. Our horses are happy and well adjusted – all have been hand raised with plenty of attention and love and will be happy to prove it to you by following you throughout the fields looking for treats in your pockets!

Should you have any questions, or require further information on a specific horse or in what horses we have bred for spring foals crops, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer 20+ years of experience in the miniature horse industry to help guide you.

Thank you for your interest in our breeding program.

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